Challenge #3: Energy Markets and communist shops: The need for resource neutral energy market designs in Europe

Jessica Stromback, FifthVolt

It is better if you have a lot of places to sell a product, better yet if when one store shuts another opens.  This is as true of the energy from distributed resources as it is of bananas or beans. Continue reading

Challenge #2: Defining Storage, Bureaucratic Box-checking or Important Tool?

Alicia Carrasco, FifthVolt

At first blush, developing a definition may sound like a mundane and bureaucratic sort of task. But think about how annoying it is when people have different definitions of what it means to be on-time. Continue reading

Energy Sharing is Energy Caring

The sharing economy is coming to the energy business – and to a household near you.

Vienna, June 29, 2018 – Austrian energy tech company fifthVOLT has already started the journey of
re-shaping the energy market. “If I’m generating electricity from my roof-top solar PV panels, I should be able to share that energy with my neighbor. I should be able to do this easily and seamlessly.”, proposes CEO Marko Svetina. Continue reading